Fuggle Hops The most revered and famous English hop, known for its full bodied flavor in traditional ales. Discovered as a chance seedling in 1861 and propagated by Richard Fuggle in Kent, England in 1875. Fuggle was once the most prominent English hop and accounted for 78% of production in 1949. It is a low yielding hops variety, one of the lowest. It has moderate disease tolerance and forms medium sized compact bulbs that are ready for harvesting early to mid season.

Fuggle is an aroma hops with a 3.5%-5.5% alpha acid rating. During its peak times over 100 years ago it was used both for bittering as well as aroma in beer. It became less economical as higher alpha varieties came along to use Fuggle for bittering. It carries a high carryophyllene oil as well as farnesene oil content. This combination brings a herbal and woody type of aroma to the finished brew.