logo Minutes of a Committee meeting
held on 24 January 2018

Attendees: Susan Stobbs(Chair), Sarah Green (Treasurer), Ismail Akram, Dick Baxter, Jo Hesslewood, and Cary Parker. Apologies had been received from Ray Gay, Charles Hattersley and Caroline Lenoury.

1. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

After encouragement from the Chair, the Council had cut all the large patches of nettles on the Common in time for Bonfire Night and agreed to review the cutting regime for next year. They also removed the pile of orchard cuttings by the bank. It was reported that discussions with Brunk are ongoing. Jo agreed to talk to the Bat Officer about cleaning the bat boxes during the winter. There had not been much bat activity during 2017.

2. Chair’s update on what has been happening and general discussion

Council meetings, picnic, drugs, state of Common, Bonfire night were all reviewed. It was generally agreed that the picnic went well and Bonfire night was well organised. The Chair undertook to report some broken lights in the new cycle paths and to ask for a list of agreed events on the Common to put on the noticeboard and website (subsequently received). The drug meeting had been exceptionally well attended and members have been active in reporting any subsequent drug activity to both the Council and the police. Ongoing parking problems were reviewed.

3. Orchards matters

Barry has indicated that he will be leaving Cambridge sometime in 2018 and the problem of keeping the tough orchard grass regularly mowed was thoroughly discussed. Ismail and Cary agreed to be instructed by Dick. Since the hand mower was becoming worn it was agreed to ask for funding from the Council Community grants to buy a new, slightly tougher, model, while the larger mower was, hopefully, being repaired. Susan reported on the work done by the Council in improving the path at the entrance and installing new railings, which had been well received by all. It was agreed to hold a volunteers session on Sunday February 4 to plant the hazel copse and generally tidy the area. Dick reported that the benches were in need of renovation and it was agreed to add this to the list of jobs for volunteers later in the year. He also reported on the success of the Astra Zenica volunteering day which enabled us to repair the pear espalier, prune the trees and cut back the hedges.

4. Treasurer’s report and grant application

The accounts and grant application were discussed and agreed. Ismail agreed to have his name proposed at the AGM as the new Treasurer.

5. AGM arrangements

It was agreed that the Chair should check school term dates and approach the Wesley Church and Christ Church over possible dates. (Subsequently April 24 was proposed to be confirmed.) Jo and Susan were investigating possible speakers and other suggestions were welcomed. Possible new committee members were discussed.

Susan Stobbs (chair)
8 February 2018.