logo Minutes of a Committee meeting
held on 1 June 2017

Attendees: Susan Stobbs(Chair), Charles Hattersley (Secretary), Sarah Green (Treasurer), Dick Baxter and Cary Parker. Apologies had been received from Ismail Akram, Ray Gay, Jo Hesslewood and Caroline Lenoury.

1. Minutes of the AGM

The minutes of the AGM were accepted and it was generally accepted that we should consider returning to The Wesley chapel next year. It was agreed that during the AOB section of the AGM we should ask people to give their names and any affiliation. It was also agreed that we should have some slides to illustrate the Chair's report.

2. Future Events

Strawberry Fair arrangements were discussed and it appeared there would be sufficient people for the day, set up to start at 9:00 for a start around 12:00 and packing up around 17:30. Midsummer Fair for week of 21-25 June with set up starting the week before. Fort St George footbridge closure is expected for the nightmare Saturday when many local pubs close and traffic becomes horrendous. Jon Harris has offered to follow up his excellent talk at the AGM with a guided walk around the area, ending up at either the Fort St George or the Technology Museum 'biergarten' if over a weekend. Susan to develop this offer and set a date agreed by polling the committee, before offering places to the membership. It was agreed that we should ask for voluntary contributions. The Orchard Picnic 2017 was suggested for 17 September with proviso to check about clashes with other local events.

3. Orchard matters

Lawn mowing is hard work, as the area is large, with the push mowers which breakdown quite a lot. The sit on mower bought last year has some maintenance issues as it starts ok but then stalls most of the time. The technical issue has exhausted the in-house knowledge and enthusiastic work. Charles to see if his mechanic friend would lend a hand to bottom out the problem (post meeting note, he cannot help). Any other avenues that could be explored? If this fails then can the council help? Could it be subcontracted? Any other ideas? The espalier pear tree posts are rotting and need replacing, approach to be made to the council for new posts and installing same. Good crop of plums is apparent but trees have leaf curl and may need spraying until big enough to fend for themselves.

4. Footpaths

Footpath around the Newmarket Road entrance needs updating and various solutions being investigated to make it more durable.

5. Water butt

A water butt provided by Cambridge Building society has been installed and rain is awaited.

6. Benches

The benches need repainting with green paint that Dick already has in stock. However they need to be cordoned off by council during the drying period to ensure members of the public are safe.

7. Money matters

The Treasurer reported as follows: Our bank balance currently stands at £585.49 credit. Anticipated expenditures per budget for the grant year to 31 March 2018 are as follows:

  • Insurance £220
  • Hall hire and publicity for AGM £100
  • Orchard maintenance £150
  • Bulbs and hedging plants £100

This totals to £570 which does not leave much for contingencies.

8. Council matters

New path widened areas seem to be good and beginning to blend into the common. Parking around Fort St George & Midsummer House is blatantly flaunting the law and needs some serious council attention by Anthony French and or Anna Smith. Newly cobbled areas around this area need to be completed with the planting of trees etc' as promised to discourage vehicle ingress onto the grass edges. We need to try and communicate to the council areas that are to be maintained as they seem to randomly turn up and do what they think oblivious to our master pan. Could be a challenge.

9. Any other business

Consider what other work needs doing around the common for volunteer days. Focus areas to be identified, perhaps cleaning inside tree protection fences, removal of suckers and replacing dead trees. See what Kenny McGregor has in his renewal year plans.

Charles Hattersley, Secretary.
3 June 2017.
Agreed by Susan Stobbs (chair)