logo Minutes of a Committee meeting
held on 28 February 2017

Attendees: Susan Stobbs(Chair), Charles Hattersley (Secretary), Raymond Gay, Caroline Lenoury and Dick Baxter (co-opted Orchard manager). Apologies had been received from Sarah Green (Treasurer), Ismail Akram, Jo Hesslewood and Amy Tillson.

1. Matters arising from last meeting

Susan will re-engage with Cambridge Building Society regarding provision of water supply.

2. Money Matters

Sarah provided a copy of FOMC Draft budget for 2017-18, copy attached, showing expected income of £570 and anticipated expenditure of £570. The draft accounts have been sent to Andrew Entiknap for auditing before the AGM. The Committee expressed their gratitude to Sarah for her expert work.

3. New Committee

It was agreed that both Ms Jools Petrie-Symes & Mr Cary Colvin should be invited to join, subject to the agreement of the AGM. This would give us a nett increase of one due to Amy Tillson leaving. The Committee thanked Caroline for taking over the Fomc Facebook and Twitter pages from Amy.

4. Council matters

Work around Fort St George / Midsummer House and the rest of the footpaths has now largely been completed. However, there seems to be a lack of traffic control measures that were promised in the CCC approved plans. It would appear a unilateral decision has been taken by a council officer to delete these from the work. Result is very messy & broken areas around all the newly installed cobbles and edging. We understand that temporary fencing will be deployed whist trees are planted. The white stones in front of Midsummer House also need removing formally. After a Chestnut tree was blown down across Victoria Ave it was thought pertinent to raise the Chestnut replacement strategy with CCC again. An Open Forum event is taking place in the Guildhall on March 8th at 18:00. This is addressing representatives from all Open Spaces, Susan hopes to attend and will raise the matter of Public Liability Insurance that costs all groups some £200 each approximately.

5. AGM matters

AGM agreed at Wesley Chapel, 4 Lamps Corner, 19:30 on Tuesday 25th April. Re election of officers all happy to continue, new committee members to be proposed, Chairwoman report being prepared by Susan. Speaker suggested as being Mr John Harris who has been recommended by Jo and would speak on the history of the surrounding area. Susan to liaise with him and agree scope of presentation which will be first event of evening. Advertising of AGM as widely as possible in the local area and on social media and possibly Cambridge News. Susan to give Dick and Caroline details for the web and Facebook etc. and Susan to prepare some laminated copies for local deployment. Encourage other local groups to circulate details, eg Brunk & Pretoria Rd associations.

6. Orchard matters

No significant damage reported from storm Doris, Pear trees to be pruned by Charlotte and Susan to check. Dick reported work ongoing on repairs to technical mowing equipment and strimmer. Charles offered to try and involve an engineer friend if mower renovation wasn't successful. Entrance from Newmarket Rd needs sorting and Susan in contact with Gur Belcher from the City Council who might be able to help with effort and soil tonic. Monthly volunteer Sunday sessions to start in April with suggestions that the days should be focussed with projects, like planting hops. Bees are active even though it is cold.

Charles Hattersley, Secretary.
3 March 2017.