logo Minutes of eigth Annual General Meeting held on
22 April 2015 in Christ Church

1. Welcome. Apologies for absence.

About 50 people attended.

2. Minutes of 2014 AGM and matters arising.

No objections.

3. Treasurer's report.

Sarah Green presented the report; copies of the audited accounts were available for members at the meeting. Thanks were given to Bernard Hawes for auditing our accounts. Bernard has now moved so we are looking for another auditor to carry out an independent examination of our accounts. This is not a challenging task as our transactions are few, but we have found that grant giving authorities prefer to have this done by a qualified accountant (chartered or certified).

Our financial year runs from 1st Jan to 31 December, so for the 2014 year we started the year with £591 and ended it with £1,628. Since 31 December we have incurred further expenditure on grant funded items so the balance in our March statement was £516.21 which some invoices still be to be paid.

FoMC received two grants during the year: £1,458 from the City Council, just under half of which was to buy a notice board for the orchard and the remainder covered running costs such as insurance and publicity and also some money for tools for the orchard and their upkeep; and £200 from Savills community fund for wild flower seed for the orchard. FOMC members also kindly contributed £166 in membership and donations. This gave us an annual income of £1,824.

Expenditure during the year was £787 comprising: £281 for mower repairs and upkeep of tools and materials; £282 for insurance; £75 to hire the hall for our; and £148 for posters and a banner.

Since the end of the financial year we have also spent: £700 for a notice board; £282.30 for this year’s insurance; £75 for this year’s hall hire for the AGM; £53.99 for a hedge trimmer; and some invoices to come.

Given the generous grant funding we received last year, this year we have applied to the City Council only for a small grant of just over £450 to cover our main running costs of insurance, hall hire and also to buy some bat and bird boxes. Our application will be considered by West Central Committee 23rd April. Note added after the meeting: the grant was approved at this meeting. FoMC do not propose asking members for subscriptions this year. However, as well as hard cash, FoMC appreciate donations in kind: e.g. bushes for orchard, kit and refreshments for meetings.

4. Election of Honorary Officers.

All three serving officers were willing to stand for re-election and no other nominations had been received. Thus the following were proposed and seconded by Barry Higgs without dissent:

  • Chairman: Susan Stobbs
  • Secretary: Charles Hattersley
  • Treasurer: Sarah Green

5. Election of Committee.

In addition to the Honorary Officers, the following were proposed as Committee members and seconded by John Lawton: Simon Bragg, Robert Day, Josephine Hesselwood, Erica Hunter and Amy Tillson. The constitution limits the committee to 8 people but the chair proposed to co-opt Dick Baxter onto the committee as Orchard Manager and Archivist. There were no other volunteers and no votes against.

6. Chair's Report.

The chair presented her Report.

7. Open Forum.

Members' Comments:

There was considerable discussion about the proposed further renovation of the paths on the Common and the Chair undertook to pass all comments on to the appropriate Council working group. She emphasised that any proposal for widening of the Cutter ferry path would have to be submitted for approval to the Secretary of State and be subject to a formal consultation process. She undertook to find out whether detailed plans had yet been drawn up.

Lighting proposals for the Common were also discussed with the majority of comments stressing the importance of not increasing the number of lights on the Common. A copy of the note sent by the Chair in March 2015 to the Council working group on the lighting of Open Spaces and parks is attached to these minutes.

Some comments were made on improving publicity: "How do FoMC advertise and perhaps we should consider a leaflet drop to streets adjacent to common"; "I saw the AGM flyer on the Cutter Ferry (Pye) bridge and decided to come along and join"

8. Any Other Business.

Seven new members joined and paid subscription and made some additional donations. There was no other business.