Flanked on one side by the River Cam with its many Cambridge University college boathouses, Midsummer Common is an ancient area of grassland that thrusts into the heart of Cambridge City. For many centuries fairs and other events have been staged on the Common and this tradition continues today. At other times cattle graze the land bringing the country into the City. Friends of Midsummer Common (FoMC) is a group of Cambridge people who are concerned with the good management and responsible use of this ancient grassland. FoMC established and looks after the Community Orchard on part of the Common. Volunteers help plant trees and wildflowers, cut grass and clear weeds in a sociable environment. Our mission is to make the Common a place for everyone to enjoy. FoMC welcomes new members from any part of Cambridge.

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Background Papers
Midsummer Common Conservation Plan 2001 
Midsummer Common Management Plan 2009-2014 
Midsummer Common Management Plan 2014-2019 
The History of Midsummer Common 
The History of Midsummer Fair 
Problems with Midsummer Fair in 2019 
Legal Issues relating to Midsummer Common 
FoMC proposal for new Byelaws for Cambridge Commons 
FoMC proposal for Improving Midsummer Common 
FoMC comments on damage to Midsummer Common 
FoMC proposal for Trees on Midsummer Common 
July 2018 survey of the Trees on Midsummer Common 
FoMC proposal for a Community Orchard on Midsummer Common 
FoMC proposal for Upgrading Footpaths on Midsummer Common 
AGM minutes
25 March 2019
18 April 2018
25 April 2017

AGM Annual Reports
2018 Report 
2017 Report 
2016 Report 

Committee minutes
3 June 2019
8 April 2019
25 February 2019

Help when on the Common

The Cambridge City StreetScene Team is responsible for a wide range of services on the Common including litter picking, grass cutting, graffiti removal and toilet cleaning. The Council's Enforcement Team can deal with problems of illegal camping or fires on the Common. The Pinder should be contacted if cattle escape from the Common or fall into the river. Trees are the responsibility of the Arboricultural Team. They can all be contacted through the Council's Customer Service Centre on 01223 457000 (457457 out of office hours). It is an offence for anyone to drop litter or allow their dog to foul the Common - bins are provided for the disposal of litter and dog mess. Any problems with dogs should be referred to the Dog Warden on 01223 457898. Drug related incidents should be reported directly to the police - 999 for active drug taking or 101 for drug dealing. If you find spent needles or other drug debris call the Council hot line on 01223 458282 (0300 3038389 out of office hours) or online at sos.operations@cambridge.gov.uk.

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